Case Study - London Underground: Underground Communications

Client: London Underground
Sector: the transport sector
Services delivered: strategic risk management , decision support & appraisal , risk modelling

London Underground station remote PA

London Underground (LU) has a large number of diverse and legacy telecommunication assets. With increasing pressure to reduce costs whilst improving the overall functionality of the communication systems, LU needed to develop an asset strategy that utilised existing assets to their maximum potential and facilitated the adoption of new types of communication technologies for future business needs.

Risk Solutions demonstrated that significant cost savings could be realised by rationalising redundant and non critical telecommunications assets, implementing an LU wide Internet Protocol (lP) network, and upgrading CCTV and station management systems. Additional cost and performance benefits are expected to be realised through extending this strategy to other LU telecommunication systems.

This strategy was informed by:

  • a systematic analysis of current and future business communication requirements
  • modelling the performance and costs of alternative asset management strategies to determine the optimal strategy.

Risk Solutions also recommended ways to improve the governance and management of telecommunications assets and systems, adopt a network wide approach to requirements and systems development, rationalise existing supply chains for telecommunication assets and simplify contractual arrangements with suppliers.

This strategy will provide LU with a reliable communication network to enable and support their Real Time Information (RTI) strategy.