Measuring risk attitudes

Risk Solutions has been accredited to undertake risk attitude surveys using the Risk Type Compass®.

The Risk Type Compass® is a personality based assessment focusing on differences in the way individuals perceive and handle risk and make decisions. It has been developed by Psychological Consulting Ltd (PCL),

Based on a robust and consensual core of global psychological research, it places individuals into one of eight easy to understand Risk Types or a central Axis group.

Relevant across all industry sectors, the Risk Type Compass® has wide relevance within banking/finance, coaching, consulting, manufacturing, insurance and energy sectors to name a few. It pin-points differences in risk awareness and instinctive responses to risk that have important implications from the boardroom to the shop floor; for individuals, teams and throughout the organisation. At the wider organisational level, it contributes to risk landscaping and risk culture surveys.

If you would like to hear more about how Risk Solutions can help you measure the risk attitudes of staff in your organisation, and what you can do about changing this if necessary, please contact:

Mike Robertson on 01925 413984 or drop him an e-mail on