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risk management material

In this section we highlight some of the most important risk management material that can be found on the internet. Some of this is freely available and some of it is commercially available.

HM Treasury Risk Portal

This is an excellent resource with access to lots of Government guidance documents. It also leads you through to the Governance and Risk Management Index which accesses additional useful resources - e.g. guidance on managing Fraud Risk.

link to HM Treasury Risk Portal

Some of the key documents in the Treasury Risk Portal can be accessed directly from here:

Orange Book: Management of risk - Principles and Concepts
Green Book, Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government
Managing Risks to the Public: Appraisal Guidance
Principles for Managing Risk to the Public
Early Management of Risks to Successful Delivery - a tool for policy-makers
The Risk Management Assessment framework

Office of Government Commerce

The OGC has developed useful guidance on managing risk:

Managing Risk with Delivery Partners
OGC Successful Delivery Toolkit page

Better Regulation Commission

Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose risk is it anyway?
This report recommends a public debate about the management of risk involving individual citizens and the media but specifically calls for clear and unambiguous leadership from government to:

  • Change our national approach to risk.
  • Empower individuals to take more personal responsibility for risk.
  • Provide high quality training in risk management for Ministers and senior civil servants.
  • Establish FARO (the Fast Assessment of Regulatory Options) an independent, ad hoc panel for expert, dispassionate, evidence–based examination of urgent calls for government intervention.

link to 'Risk, Responsibility, Regulation: Whose risk is it anyway?' report

Royal Academy of Engineering

Risks Posed by Humans in the Control Loop
The Royal Academy of Engineering convened a Working Group to research and review current thinking and best practice in respect of the risks posed by human operatives controlling complex engineering systems. This report summarises their conclusions.

link to report

Common Engineering Risk Management Methodologies
This report summarises the conclusions of a Royal Academy of Engineering Working Group set up to investigate and report on “Common Engineering Risk Management Methodologies”. The scope of the investigation was strategic and did not include the various specific quantitative techniques based on probability and decision theory.

link to report

The Societal Aspects of Risk
Engineers need to understand how groups in society develop perceptions about the riskiness of engineering projects and processes and what these perceptions depend on. The perceptions will generally be quite different from the qualitative and quantitative assessments made according to traditional engineering methodologies. This document summarises current thinking, informed by both engineering best practice and social science research.

link to document

To risque the certainty of little for the chance of much.

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